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Visitor Policy

MITS provides service for persons with disabilities who are visiting from outside the service area, and who have been certified ADA paratransit eligible from another jurisdiction. Out of town visitors who are ADA eligible may access MITS for up to 21 days of service. After that time, the visitor must complete the local eligibility .

On-Board Policies

When you board the vehicle, please present your service I.D. card and your fare to the driver. If using a ticket, the driver will take one (1) ticket to indicate you have paid your fare. If paying cash, no refunds or change can be made. Drivers DO NOT carry cash. Please fasten your seat belt. For your safety, drivers are not allowed to put the vehicle in motion until your seat belt is fastened. Please be advised that MITS is a shared ride service, meaning that your trip may take up to 90 minutes. Other on-board policies include:

  • No eating, drinking, or smoking on vehicles.
  • No riding under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • No abusive, threatening or obscene language or actions.
  • No deliberate fare evasion.
  • No physical abuse of operator or another rider.
  • No operating or tampering with any equipment while on a MITS vehicle.
  • No radios, tape/compact disc players, or other sound generating equipment is to be played aboard the vehicles without the use of headphones.

Passengers who violate on-board policies are subject to penalties, up to and, including suspension of service. Passengers who engage in physical abuse or cause physical injury to another passenger or operator may be subject to immediate and permanent suspension, and possible criminal prosecution.

Guests & Animals

A passenger may invite one guest to travel with him/her, and other guests will be permitted, as space is available. Each guest must pay $3.25 as well. A Personal Care Attendant (PCA) may ride free with a MITS passenger to assist with excessive packages, personal needs, or to escort to appointments in multi level facilities. The MITS driver will assist the passenger with grocery bags, not to exceed twenty-five (25) pounds per bag. In regards to laundry items, the items must be enclosed in a plastic bag. The bag must not exceed twenty-five (25) pounds. Service animals must be clean and remain on a leash/harness at all times during the MITS trip. Service animals must be able to obey the commands of the owner. The MITS driver is not responsible for making commands to the service animal. A pet must be contained in a pet carrier at all times during the MITS trip. If a MITS passenger is traveling with a child who is four (4) years of age or younger, or weighs forty (40) pounds or less, the child must be secured in a child safety seat provided by the passenger. MITS does not provide child safety seats.

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Guests can be invited on a "space available" basis.

Changes, No Shows, Will Calls  and Cancellations

Changes in pick-up times and/or destinations must be made before 5:00 p.m. the day before your scheduled trip. If you need to cancel your scheduled trip, please call 817-215-8600 at least one (1) hour prior to your trip.

No-Show: Failure to take a scheduled trip may result in your being assessed a no-show. A no-show occurs when a passenger fails to board the vehicle within (5) minutes after the driver arrives within the scheduled window time, cancels a trip at the door, or cancels a trip late within (1) hour of the scheduled pick up time. MITS will consider service suspension for a period of time, for those that habitually fail to take trips according to the definition above. You will not be charged with a no-show for circumstances beyond your control. If your service is suspended for no-shows, you have the right to appeal that decision. You will receive instructions on how to appeal in your service suspension notice. There will be no interruption in service until a determination has been made on your appeal. (appeals process below)

Will Call: A scheduled trip is placed on will call for those passengers who get to their original destination late due to unforeseen delays on behalf of  MITS and/or for medical emergency situations. If this occurs with your trip, please call MITS immediately to confirm a time for pick-up.  The MITS dispatcher will make every effort get you picked up as soon as we have a MITS vehicle in the area that may accommodate you.

Appeals Process

Any person denied MITS eligibility or suspended from MITS service for any reason has the right to appeal the decision. Individuals denied MITS eligibility or suspended from MITS service will be notified by letter of the decision. Details on how to appeal the decision will be included in the letter. For more information regarding the appeal process, contact MITS Administration at 817-215-8929.

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