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Bus Locations

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Altamesa Church of Christ

4600 Altamesa - Route 66 Express

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Edge Park Methodist Church

5616 Crowley Rd. - Route 66 Express

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St. Bartholomew Catholic Church

3601 Altamesa - Route 66 Express

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Western Hills Methodist Church

2820 Laredo - Route 61 Express

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South Park and Ride

I-35 at Alsbury Exit - Route 65 Express

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Ridgmar Mall

I-30 at Green Oaks - Routes 2,  26,  61

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North Park and Ride

I0157 North Freeway - Route 63 Express


TRE Locations

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T&P Station

221 W. Lancaster Ave. (free park for TRE)

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Intermodal Transportation Center (ITC)

1001 Jones Street (no free parking)

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Richland Hills Station

7225 Burns St. (free park for TRE)

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Hurst/Bell Station

3232 Bell Spur Dr. (free park for TRE)

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CentrePort/DFW Airport Station

14470 Statler Blvd. (free park for TRE)



Park Your Car and Ride The T

Enjoy the benefits of public transportation by utilizing The T’s park and ride lot locations. Drive to one of seven bus lots across the city, park your car for free, and ride The T to your destination. By parking your car and riding The T you will save money and help the environment! Try riding The T today!